Friday, November 17, 2006

fraud (weekend premiere)

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this vlog took me longer than any other video I've done because of the emotionally precarious nature of it. While making it, there was a genuine discovery about myself and my insecurity as an artist in relation to the film that I went home to premiere, (which I DP'd), and its effects on my perception of interaction and lonliness in New York. ::"Sleep" by Azure Ray:: Click here to watch

Apes & Androids

apes and androids
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Apes and Androids are my new favorite band! I saw them for the second time this past week at the Knitting Factory -they first came out with a giant papier mache ship floating through the "sea" of people -green glow balls were tossed around the crowd -then a great brass section with authentic asian percussionists circled the audience for the crescendo -AMAZING!