Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What Will You Say (visage)

WHERE HAVE I BEEN?! I've been making the move back to Texas from NY for the summer and trying to find some production jobs, and attempting to situate myself into an old world. But today is the 10th anniversary Jeff Buckley's death and like anyone who hears his voice, it's easy to fall in love and grow an unhealthy obsession. With particular appreciation for his song, "What Will You Say," which has lately been quite relevant being quite separated from my family, and those times when they come to see me in NY, I feel exceptionally trepidatious , intimidated, ambivalent and unsure of our ties. This song allowed me to understand those feelings a little more closely and continues to resonate as I reside in TX. May Jeff rest in peace and his message keep echoing. Click here to watch