Tuesday, July 31, 2007


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Saturday, July 21, 2007

built ford tough (installation)

so first of all - I'M PISSED OFF -it's so perturbing when I come back to Texas and see countless trucks and SUVs with "my son is in the US army" on the side of their bumper. So I spent all of June building a large video sculpture installation piece for such hypocrites in their gas-guzzlers, only perpetuating our dependence on foreign oil. the words spoken by this dead soldier figure are from Conrad's Heart of Darkness; this is re-edited to see the video as is, and at the end the sculpture in its space. Click here to watch

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I ))<>(( Miranda July

so we all saw Me and You and Everyone We Know, and went "back and forth" for a while, she stayed in the NY art scene with her performance/installation pieces, and then she re-appeared in the New Yorker in this year's summer fiction issue with "Roy Spivey" which had me sprint to buy this book. It's got me in tears from heartbreak in stories like "The Man on the Stairs" (about a woman lost in her wants and fears) as well as laughter with "The Swim Team" (with has a woman giving swimming lessons in her living room with old people dipping their heads in bowls of water, paddling across the room). Installation artist, performance artist, filmmaker, and now sick-ass writer - Miranda is my heroine, in fact, she's inspired me to do a massive installation piece showing soon in San Antonio. Point is - buy this book, it'll change your life.