Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Spurs riot

I live in San Antonio (for the summer) and so all I hear about everywhere is the Spurs. It makes absolutely no difference to me if they win or lose, and I can't see why it would to anybody else not directly involved with the NBA, but the whole city still goes insane over it. Why? You tell me. ::"teenage riot" by Sonic Youth:: Click here to watch


Anonymous JoAnna said...

i watched the spurs game on tv last thursday night, and i swear it was the most ineventful game i have ever watched in my life.

but i guess that us san antonians are just so into them because we want to shove our championship-winning teams in the faces of other cities. (:

but the celebrations were almost ridiculous. the night the spurs won i could hear the honking all the way from downtown, and i live at blanco and bitters (a good way away).

8:41 PM  
Anonymous Patty said...

The celebration is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

The Spurs aren't just a basketball team. I mean, sure they are, but like you said, even people who don't give a damn about the game join hands and cheer after the the buzzer goes off and we've won. The team is more of a common thread in this spread-out city. It's our symbol. It's communal, in a world where so much is private.

Sure people get reckless and silly in the pandemonium, but that's the beauty of it. Everything is abandoned to praise and clutch each other with joy.

And I'm sorry but the game was not uneventful--did you see Tony Parker slide forward, past the net and off the court, tossing the ball wildly in the air and it STILL made it in the hoop?

8:40 PM  

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