Thursday, June 29, 2006


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so remember Positive? well a 1min version of it, (retitled It's the Buzz) was one of the 5 winners of the FYI -film your issue- film festival! So they flew me (back) up to NYC and paid for my ritzy hotel where we had a pre-party at the penthouse -here's a slice of the party... after a few too many drinks. Click here to watch

Friday, June 16, 2006

Team Queen

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after vlogging the hell out of the gender-bending, fire-breathing, tassel-twirling, post-punk rock 'n roll prom of century, along with 18hrs of footage, I have something to show to all of you in the vlogsphere... and it's a bit naughty, but oh so fun. Click here to watch

The Team Queen video release party!
at Galapagos Art Space
hosted by Murray Hill
"Team Queen" performed by Triple Creme
directed by acclaimed filmmaker Leah Meyerhoff