Tuesday, March 15, 2005

mi Mar Adentro

The Sea Inside
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CREAM! - I just saw the new Alejandro Amenabar film, MAR ADENTRO or THE SEA INSIDE and it's the best movie ever!!! (of this week). I cried like 4 times and I couldn't let go of the illuminating power of the film. Javier Bardem gives an outstanding performance; beautifully shot!; Amenabar's triumphant music -and that lanscape/seascape flying sequence!!! - I needed a new pair of pants after watching it because I creamed all over mine!
winner of the oscar/indie spirit/golden globe for best foreign film - and well deserved.


Blogger asnonauta said...

Muy buena pelicula, basada en una historia real... El desenlace de la vida de Ramon San Pedro, si bien parte del exito de la pelicula hay que achacarselo al debate suscitado sobre la eutanasia. Presentar asi la historia desde un punto demagogico del que gran parte de la gente se siente identificado hace que la pelicula tenga mucho ganado.


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