Monday, January 16, 2006

the smell of (liberal) OSCAR

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As a film student, I get giddy over award shows even though we all pontifficate that they don't mean anything -it's like a midwestern bureaucrat shouting over a football game. But I was particularly elated with tonight's 63rd Annual Golden Globes because of such undeniable diversity that was present tonight. Not only was it MLK today and everyone was very conscious of celebrating black America, but that the two lead actors in a drama won for playing gay/transgender characters (Felicity Huffman in Transamerica and Philip Seymour Hoffman in Capote) -not to mention Brokeback Mountain taking Best Picture, Best Screenplay and Best Director -Ang Lee. Matt Dillon was nominated for Crash, reminding us that bigotry has yet to dissipate. Mary Louise Parker won for dealing Weeds. Geena Davis won for playing the first female president in Commander In Chief. George Clooney won in Syriana, which dares to ask some intimidating questions about our government; a similar cry for peace came from Palestine with Paradise Now, winner of Best Foreign Film. My point being that it makes me feel really great to know that America is becoming more comfortable with difference and the unusual. This country is so dysfunctional but people are finally accepting it -and it makes me proud to live in this country, even for just a moment -before I remember Bush is still in office.

2006 Academy Awards

2006 Independent Spirit Awards


Blogger JuanFalla said...

Its a very good comment the one you write here. Lte's hope that all this buzz in the winners gets to people all over the country, and slowly open up their minds to all this "weird stuff", as they think of it.

Anyway, good luck in Sundance!!!!

8:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, a long time ago, people used to pay to watch freak shows. We still do and we only reward them because they are different. We aren't rewarding the liberal, we are rewarding something that we can't understand and since we don't understand it, we think that the performances are "good".

2:36 PM  
Blogger french/new/wave/nerd said...

why should we not reward what is different or what we do not completely understand? perhaps by rewarding those that are "different," it will encourage those who do not understand the subject matter to look more closely and no longer view these stories as freak shows, but instead as real people just like the rest of us.

3:26 PM  

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