Monday, November 21, 2005

Joaquin The Line

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I smell an OSCAR!!! so I've frequented the movie theaters in NY every week, sometimes several times a week- and dammit I'm freaking out about this year's Best Actor! -I was sure it was going to be Philip Seymour Hoffman for CAPOTE, then I changed my mind when I saw David Strathairn in GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK. But I'm almost emphatic now that I've seen WALK THE LINE -Joaquin... it's in the bag!

-thanks Matt for the pun!


Blogger mrmultiple2 said...

I opted for Harry Potter this opening friday night.

But man, this afternoon after i get some work done, i'm treating myself to "Walk The Line."

I've been holding out as long as I can, kinda like just stareing at dessert before I just jump in to savor it.

9:43 AM  

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