Saturday, October 15, 2005

Close Encounters II: bombarding Joan Allen

joan allen
Originally uploaded by symbiopsychotaxiplasm.

another celeb indeed, this time it's the absolutely wonderful, academy award nominated actress Joan Allen! -after a Q&A at SVA she was ready to dodge but I couldn't allow her to just get away! -so I... well you'll see. Click here to watch


Anonymous Not Justin Rice said...

Wow, Justin Rice is quite a hottie.

11:59 PM  
Anonymous Juan said...

You[re my idol man!!!!
I see a celebrity and I just get frozen, I can't even speak...
You've got balls!!!
Great vid!!!

11:39 PM  
Anonymous Jennifer said...

sweeeet - i totally got my name creditted! haha
but that day was fun fun!
we were SO CLOSEE to her! ah

10:24 PM  

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