Monday, May 30, 2005

Saturated (the ultimate cream)

cinderella man
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So when I saw CRASH,

and thought that this is the best mainstream film I've seen in a while and probably the best film of the year, or at least the summer. WRONG. Then I saw PALINDROMES

and was consumed with gratitude that filmmakers like Todd Solondz are still experimenting; and that was one of the best films of the year, and that was as far as my cinematic interest would peak for the summer. WRONG AGAIN. I just saw the sneak preview of CINDERELLA MAN

and I left the theater exhausted and weak. No, not because the film was ridiculously tedious, but because I felt as if I was being punched around in addition to having my heart experience one of the most tumultuous cinematic rollercoasters ever. I had to sit down and breathe for about ten minutes after I saw the film just to allow my popcorn heart to nestle itself back in its place. I didn't feel a physical relief with my graduation, but I think Ron Howard gave me that catharsis I had been needing.
It's the best movie ever! (sofar) and I was saturated, not only from creaming myself to the point of needing new pants, but my face was like a spounge from the tears. Thank God for Ron Howard! But who knows, I might be singing a different tune after I see the much anticipated EROS,

which just came to my local theater.


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I know that you are in Europe, but I wanted to say that I am gonna see these films based on your recommendations. Thanks for your film views.

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