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BEFORE YOU WATCH - know that the media group that I am a part of is making a film this summer that I really really wanted to direct but I'm going to be in Europe for a couple of weeks and they don't want to compromise their schedules - so just when I felt that my filmmaking life was going okay for a teen- I get rejected - so I felt like shit - like I already had my 15 minutes without the fame. ::"Untitled 8" by Sigur Ros:: Click here to watch


Blogger Jen Simmons said...

I'm in the middle of shooting a 25 minute short film (on Super-16mm film) here in Philly with a bunch of the best students at Temple. The other day we had about a hour to spare between scenes, so a couple of my fellow crew members and I ended up at my apartment, and you'd just posted a videoblog, so I started showing them several of your pieces. They were blow away. They were like, what filmschool is he at (I said highschool.) They are both 10 years older than you -- and they both said, oh gosh, forget it. I'm done. This guy is so much better than me...
They were completely impressed in that way that makes you wonder if you should even try, 'cause clearly there are other people out there who are so very talented.
And then we went and shot another 350 feet of film.
Don't worry about any form of rejection. Just get used to it, used to not having it affect you. Feel it. Feel all kinds of emotions, but don't do a thing about them.
Build up that sense of self, and knowlege of your own mission. You are doing great stuff. Just keep doing it -- for yourself.
SVA will be full of jealousy, weird bullshit, competition, lying... just move through it all like it doesn't affect you. Move through the 15 minutes of fame, the acclaim, the praise, the worship just the same, like it doesn't affect you at all. That's how you will make it, how you will honor yourself and your voice and your life's work.

10:11 PM  
Blogger dltq said...

I had to revlog you, Brian. Amazing things you are creating!

12:24 AM  
Blogger Verdi said...

Okay, Jen said what I wanted to say so, ditto. Just keep going.

11:12 AM  
Blogger Josh Leo said...

I am glad that film is not my focus...if it was...I would hate it is just simple jealousy. I am amazed at the stuff you have created. I wish i had the equipment, knolwedge, and vision that you have.

9:09 PM  
Blogger I Eat NY said...

I was watching thinking 'this is really pretty and smart, but where's the humor?'. So, thanks fot the little punchline at the end eventhough it's rather dark. dark is wicked.

11:09 PM  
Blogger kriswak said...

yo brian! jen knows what shes talking about. and no brian im not saying that just because jen is a girl and im taking her side to score points even though ive never met her. couple of things i ant to say...#1) george romero's new film "Land of the Dead" is coming out in June i think, and he really thinks he can make a fifth installment of "..of the Dead" series - "Diamond Dead" but you probably already knew that. and #2 give me your brain. #3 wheres your brain? and #4 poopy!!!!!

12:15 PM  

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